Opting for the right oil can be a task as some may prefer olive oil, while others, like sesame or coconut oil. Some oils are maybe suitable for frying, whereas some are ideal for simply drizzling or using as garnish. However, one must ensure to use the right oil for whatever cooking method one chooses to enhance the quality of the dish!


There are plenty of options in the markets but when it comes to choosing the right kind of oil, one must consider a few factors related to the quality, characteristic, and flavour. At Naturalable, we focus on all these factors to bring an array of different kinds of cooking oils that would be loved and liked by the complete family! You can pick the ideal oil for your pantry from our assorted variety:


Peanut Oil: A great source of vitamin E, our edible Peanut Oil has one of the highest monounsaturated fat contents among other cooking oils. With a high smoke point, this one is ideal for searing meat, grilling chicken, roasting vegetables, and frying. So if you are in the mood to make Pan-Asian delights, then stock on our naturally processed Peanut Oil.


Sunflower Edible Oil: Loaded with Vitamin E and omega 6 fats, this one is a healthy choice for good heart health and immunity building. Perfect for roasting, stir-frying, and deep-frying, you can use sunflower oil to roast chicken, stir-frying vegetables, or even in bakes as a replacement for butter.

White Sesame Oil: Rich in both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, our rich White Sesame oil will add a lot of flavour to your dishes. It pairs well in stir fry and makes up a great alternative to peanut oil or coconut oil. Perfect for sautéing and frying, you can even use it to drizzle on your dishes.

Black Mustard Oil: Being a versatile and preservative free oil, this one is a must-have in your pantry if you love to make flavourful Indian dishes. Also, if you prefer strong flavours, then you can try this in the cooking process as our edible Black Mustard Oil has a rich and mild taste that can be used to enhance meats, fish, vegetables, or alternatively used as a dressing.


Yellow Mustard Oil: If you love to make regional delicacies then our edible Yellow Mustard Oil will come in handy! With its amber-gold hue and high smoking point, this is a neutral oil that can be used for frying and sautéing. Loved for its light and balanced taste, this can be a delight for cooking delicious meals for a satisfying taste.

Coconut Oil: If you are following the keto diet, then you may consider our edible coconut oil which is best for quick sautéing or baking. But it does not do well at very high heat temperature so it may not be suitable for frying. However, our edible coconut oil is good to apply on your skin as it is good to eat so you can’t miss out on this wonderful edible oil.

Explore our decadent range of edible oils and choose from the variety of oils that are suitable for different dishes and may result in a better balance of the types of fat in your overall diet! So go ahead and prepare the yummy delicacies with nutrient enriched oils from Naturalable.